A downloadable game for Windows

Knåddskogen is a single-player, exploration game where you take on the role as a kindergarten teacher searching for her missing class in the depths of a Swedish forest. It's a bizarre adventure, which turns an otherwise tough situation to something fun and quirky with a lot of humor.

Knåddskogen was made by 9 students during a 7 week course at Futuregames, a vocational school located in Stockholm, Sweden

Install instructions

1. Download the Game.

2. Extract the files using Winrar or other software of your choice.

3. Open the "Knoddskogen" folder.

4. Run the program by pressing Knoddskogen.


Knoddskogen.rar 578 MB


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I loved pikmin, so I love this game.  This was so much fun with that crazy twist of throwing the little kids. Totally loved what they did and the concept of the game!

I know this game is suppose to be used with a game pad for it to have the best experience. Unfortunatly I don't have a game pad so had to wing it with the keyboard. Thankfully there are keyboard commands for playing your game. It took some time to figure out which key was the throw key. For those wondering it's C   i'm sure if I had a game pad it would have been 20X more fun.

Don't worry kids, I'm here to throw you into the trees!

(╯ ・ ᗜ ・ )╯︵ ᕦ༼ ˵ ◯ ਊ ◯ ˵ ༽ᕤ

----Thoughts and Impressions---

Hey peepo! 

So from playing for 20 minutes or so, I think it's a super cute game. It was pretty relaxing and served as a nice break from the normal horror or shooter game I would play. It reminded me a lot of the ol' Pikman games I used to play when I was a kid, as I mentioned in the video above while playing. Only came across one minor bug with a tree falling but that's it!

Definitely check it out if you want to play a relaxing cute free game for a short bit to take your mind off things! 

-DaniSans :3


I really loved the art style and unique mechanic of this game!! Who would have thought to throw children at other children to solve puzzles? Amazingly funny and well constructed! Keep up the good work! 

What are the controls for a keyboard?


Wow, the graphics and the audio have been put together really well and you guys have added a sense of humour by having to throw the kids at the kids in the trees and on the roof  to wake them up. Well done.

Well done DEVS



Thanks for your kind words and for giving Knåddskogen a go :) With such a mechanic we worked really hard to get everything from style, animation and sound right so we are glad that it worked out so well :)

Name of game engine?

Knåddskogen was made in Unity

Somehow I get a Fleischer Studios vibe from this game.

Thanks! The animation of the main character maybe? :)

That and the art style also emits the same vibe.


This Game is Great  i had fun throwing those kids hahaha!!!

Thank you for playing our game and for the Let's play. We're glad you liked it :)

Hey, played through this on my channel!


Thank you for playing and nice to see the Let's play! :)

Hei det veldig kult det her.

Tack så mycket och kul att du uppskattade humorn i spelet :)

Vilken platform är den på? Står att det är inte anpassade för Windows.

Hej! Windows är platformen som gäller, ursäkta för oklarheten :)


Although the game is short...throwing kids around really makes it worth it!

Hi! We're really glad you liked it and thanks for the Let's play :)

Dose de mignonnerie intense!

So sorry I can only reply in English but I hope you liked the game and thanks for giving it a go :)

Trowing kids was surpisingly fun! I'm going for a walk in the forest with my nephew now.

Iden för detta spelet är AMAZING :) . Hittade detta via SGA. Stilen är sjukt nice o passar verkligen spelet.

Tack så mycket, kul att höra att ni gillar Knåddskogen :D. Jag kollade in ert spel också, lamorna som kommer skuttande över berget i trailern var fantastiskt! Det blir helt klart att testa detta :) Lycka till i SGA!